Next Generation Cyber Security Solutions For Enterprises

Kaspersky Lab can help your business do more to detect and respond to incidents, wherever they occur on your corporate network. We can also help your security team to develop key skills in incident investigation & response or, when you need to deal with particularly difficult security issues, we can give you access to our in-house team of security experts.

Boost Enterprise Endpoint Security While Cutting Cost

Threat Prevention

Our leading threat prevention engine, harnessing HuMachine™ intelligence, protects you from ransomware, exploits and even the most advanced forms of cyberthreats.

Advanced Endpoint Control

Easy and effective centralised web, device and application controls reduce your attack surface and help keep users safe.

Data Protection

FIPS 140.2 certified full disk encryption helps fully protect confidential data on stationary and mobile devices


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Osborne Clarke Selected Kaspersky Endpoint Security

 “When we benchmarked against the competition, Kaspersky Lab won on all counts,” recalls Manning. “In particular we really liked the simplicity of the central management console that comes with the solution. We could see immediately that this was going to save us a lot of time.


 Following the switch from Symantec to Kaspersky Lab, many more clients have access to current databases and performance disruptions are much less frequent. The anti-virus protection works so discreetly that the users do not even notice it


“ City of London Police, the UK National Police lead for Fraud and Economic Crime is partnering with Kaspersky Lab, to take advantage of their expert malware analysis training and intelligence services in a bid to reduce cybercrime and other online threats.” Adrian Leppard, Commissioner, City of London Police


ECN invited various antivirus software suppliers to tender on the basis of research by the prominent American market analysts, Gartner Group. “We looked at which solutions scored best. We didn’t just score existing functionality – we included the supplier’s ongoing product development.

Corking the Bottleneck: How To Block an Exploit

Memory manipulation During this phase, rogue data is placed into different memory areas. This is not a violation of any security principles and is mostly harmless in itself – but at a later stage, once the vulnerability has been exploited, this data is used in specific attack processes

Kaspensky ATM and POS Security Guide

Standard security regulations for Embedded devices tend to cover only antivirus based security or system hardening, which is not enough. A purely antivirus approach is of limited effectiveness against current Embedded systems threats, as has been amply demonstrated in recent attacks

Point of Threat or Point of Sale: Threats Targeting PoS Terminals

That’s why Kaspersky Lab’s security solution for embedded systems includes anti-malware technologies providing protection against all types of malicious programs, including those which, while not specifically targeting PoS devices, can make their way into the operating system and trigger a Denial of Service incident.


 “ The Kaspersky Lab solution has done a great job and we are very happy. For example we have gone from dealing with issues on a weekly basis to an average of one every month. We have saved between 8 and 12 hours a month, which is very valuable time and money.” Jason Klank, IT Manager, Archer


Download datasheets, whitepapers, case studies and more below.

Kaspensky Incident Response Servies

The overall aim of Incident Response is to reduce the impact of a security breach or an attack on your IT environment. The service covers the entire incident investigation cycle, from the onsite acquisition of evidence to the identification of additional indications of compromise…

Kaspensky Threat Hunting Services

The Kaspersky Managed Protection service offers Kaspersky Endpoint Security and Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform users a fully managed service, deploying a unique range of advanced technical measures to detect and prevent targeted attacks on your organization.

Protection At Muller’s Hausmacher Wurst

 “ The user-friendliness of the Kaspersky Security Center impressed us right from the start. It makes it very easy for us to manage the protection for all of our IT components centrally.” Athanasios Schreiber-Marinopoulos, System Administrator at Müller’s Hausmacher Wurst

Reality vs Delusion: A Guide to the Modern Threat Landscape

So, when somebody asks: “Is there such a thing as next generation threats?”– the answer is never simple. These threats may be not new, but they are powerful, hard to block and definitely may require considerable skill and experience and dedication from the vendors providing protective solutions.

Kaspersky Lab Stands Guard Over Cherepovets Steel Mill

 “  Kaspersky expert services has given us a fresh perspective on the contemporary landscape of cyber threats. The findings were factored into the development of the security strategy for both IT systems and process control  “systems.” Yuriy Shekhovtsov, IT Director, Cherepovets Steel Mill

Middle East Promote IT Security With Kaspensky

Recent statistics show that cyber-attacks and malware infections on computers and mobile devices used by organisations in the Middle East significantly increased in 2014. In particular, attempts to steal users’ banking credentials have doubled in 2014 compared to the previous year


“ Alongside the central management module, we were also impressed with how easy it was to incorporate the clients and servers. It was also easy to integrate our many field employees into the security concept. That would have been impossible with the previous solution” Hermann Grotmann, Head of ICT

Tele2 Starts Offering Kaspersky Security For Android

Tele2 is one of Europe’s leading operators. It connects 15 million consumers of teleco services in 10 countries. Tele2 provides mobile and fixed.Thanks to the implementation of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, Tele2 customers in the Baltic states are able to enjoy cutting‐edge protection from Android threats.


Download datasheets, whitepapers, case studies and more below.

All-in-one security designed for Medical Equipment

Powerful protection for medical equipment running on the Windows® OS family. Security is a major consideration for medical equipment vendors and health providers alike. Medical equipment must be fault-tolerant, stable and available 24×7.

Machine Learning For Real-Time Cross-Channel Fraud Detection

Machine Learning is the core part of Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Platform. Various Machine Learning methods like Clustering, Decision Tree Learning and Artificial Neural Networks are applied to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Technologies.

All-in-one security designed for Vending Machines

Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs), electronic kiosks and similar Point of Sale (POS) devices are at particularly high risk of cyberattack, as they:  usually run on the obsolete Windows XP OS family, handle financial transactions, are geographically scattered and rarely updated…

Kaspersky Security Awareness

“When the Bank assessed its options, it found that the combination of GMS and Kaspersky Lab was the best solution to provide the level of protection required for its customers.” spokesperson, Banco Pichincha

Production Lines Are Protected With Kaspersky Industrial Cybersecurity

“We decided to partner with Kaspersky Lab as Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity could be implemented whilst our operations were still running, and because the solution is compatible with both the control systems we use and Tomorrow Connect.” Jan Houben, Plant Manager at AGC Glass Germany

Sia Vars Specialises In The Storage And Shipment Of Liquid Chemicals

A random virus attack or internal security breach may present a threat not only to the business itself but also to employees and the environment, as the company is located only 120 metres from the Baltic Sea and is very close to the populated area of Ventspils.

VM RAM Control: What You Better To Know For Effective Cybersecurity

Why VDI infrastructure needs securing VDI is widespread, but virtualization does not do away with the need for security. Many of the same vulnerabilities exist as for physical PCs – there have been numerous cases of virtual infrastructure infection,  instances of malicious code using hypervisor …..

Kaspensky Lab Provide Employee Skills Training Platform

Employee Skills Training Platform Kaspersky Lab presents its employee skills training platform, developed in partnership with wombat security technologies and built on wombat’s award-winning training software.



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