Why Cyber360 


It takes companies an average of 2-3 months to discover a malicious cyber-attack and more than 4-6 months to remediate and resolve the breach from happening again. Within this time period this can cost an organisation millions of dollars’ worth of damage in government regulation fines including loss of intellectual property and brand damage.

Cyber360’s aims are to assess our customer’s threat vectors and vulnerabilities and understand the various type of threats which can bypass existing security layers and how we can put in place cyber security solutions which will stop those threats from happening again without occurring huge amounts of costs. We want to achieve this at the best price point without our customers occurring huge amounts of costs for software and services which you may not require. From our experience many organisation at times purchase software which is very expensive to deploy, maintain, and has expensive on-going management costs. Cyber360 want to be your trusted security adviser which takes out this pain away from your organisation.

How many times have the IT security teams and management been to Cyber Security events like InfoSec in London, each year in the Cyber Security market there are more and more vendors and buzz words and noise. How do you filter all this noise and chaos in the cyber world? Our aim is to be your Trusted Security Adviser who will help you to filter all the noise, by doing so we will give you the best advice and save your company good amount of money. You don’t always need the latest bells and whistles, we know excellent new niche security vendors are in the market who can offer a more affordable solution that is far easier to deploy than the more expensive established vendors and we also know how to negotiate the best price with our partner whether they are global established vendors or niche players.

We are able to present all of the best options to our customers. But whichever solution you decide at the end, we will help you to pick the best and most secure cost effective solution which is easy for your organisation to manage within your budget.



What Services & Solutions Do We Provide 


Cyber360 is a leading trusted cyber security professional services consulting company and a value added reseller which provides a range of technical offensive and defensive security services to its clients based in the UK and Middle East. As such, we provide a diverse range of professional services to the various vertical market sectors. The growing level of threat of cyber-attacks, latest malware attacks requires a company which has the right level of knowledge and skill set to be able to combat and mitigate these threats in the modern world in order to reduce the risk to business and productivity and at the same time providing a cost effective solutions to all type of businesses.


Cyber360 Offer The Following Offensive and Defensive Cyber Security Services:


Offensive Security


Defensive Security

In addition Cyber360 provide other specialist services which include onsite and offsite social engineering.




We have highly qualified and certified consultants